Income assistance problems – Employment Insurance

Are you having problems getting your Employment Insurance (EI) benefits? Contact us to find out about your legal rights.

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) has free pamphlets on employment law and Employment Insurance.

Steps to Justice is a website that gives you step-by-step information on everyday legal problems.

Applying for Employment Insurance

To apply, fill out an application at a Service Canada Centre or online on the Service Canada website. You will need your social insurance number and a second piece of identification. You will also need your Record of Employment (ROE).

See our Employment Insurance Tip Sheet for more information about EI.

ServiceCanada’s Employment Insurance page gives information on:

Types of benefits you can apply for include:

Record of Employment (ROE)

See this tool from Steps to Justice that generates a letter to send to your employer asking for your ROE.

How to appeal an EI decision

If you are turned down for EI you may appeal the decision to the Social Security Tribunal within 30 days of being notified. This is a very important deadline.

Social Security Tribunal Information on Appeals

Please contact us for help with these types of appeals.