Improving legal rights

CALC staff engage in different types of law reform to improve the legal rights of people living on a low income or in poverty.

Working in collaboration with others


  • work with community partners and others to uncover issues of injustice and develop strategies to improve legal rights
  • work with other advocacy groups for progressive legal changes in housing, income security
  • bring issues of concern to politicians at all levels of government

Working directly with our clients


  • analyze our clients’ legal problems and recommend changes to unfair laws
  • appeal unfavorable court and tribunal decisions
  • litigate test cases to challenge unfair laws
  • encourage people to write to or meet with their local politicians
  • encourage people to sign petitions

Ongoing monitoring


  • monitor changes to laws that impact unfairly on our clients, especially those with disabilities, those whose human rights are not being respected, or those who live in rural areas
  • contribute to the work of the Law Commission of Ontario