Improving legal rights – Environment

Here are links and other information on law reform activities that our clinic, as well as others, is involved in regarding environmental issues.


RentSafe is a collaborative initiative to address indoor environmental health risks affecting low-income tenants in Ontario. It is run by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE), of which the Canadian Environmental Law Association is a founding partner.

Its primary aim is to improve knowledge, capacity and responsiveness with the health and social services sectors to better address housing-related health risks facing low-income tenants, as an important step towards the goal of creating healthier living conditions in low-income/marginalized communities and reducing housing-related health inequities.

Centre for Environmental Health Equity

The Centre for Environmental Health Equity (CEHE) works with communities to build knowledge that contributes to healthy and just environments for all. The main goal of CEHE is to nurture the development of community partners that will undertake research in support of their efforts to address environmental health inequities that affect them.