Helping our local community – Housing

We work with community partners on housing problems. Our priorities are:

  • housing retention and preventing evictions
  • ensuring tenants have safe and secure rental housing
  • supporting the creation of more affordable housing

Clinic staff have been involved in many projects to improve the rights of tenants and to create more affordable, safe, and secure housing for people who live in the communities we serve.

Read our annual reports or newsletters for more information.

Projects we have been involved in include:

Poverty Roundtable, Hastings Prince Edward

We were a founding member of the Poverty Roundtable and participated on the steering committee and chaired the Housing First Working Group.

The Housing Working Group

The Housing Working Group supports and advocates for local affordable housing projects. The group also lobbies for change to support the development of more affordable housing.

Prince Edward County Affordable Housing Working Group and Housing Assistance Lennox & Addington (HALA)

We have participated in both of these local advocacy groups since their beginnings. Both groups work in their local community to raise awareness of affordable housing issues and advocate for the creation of more affordable housing.

For more information about the work of any of these groups contact us.

All Together Affordable Housing Corporation

The All-Together Affordable Housing Corporation works to create housing for low income residents of Hastings County. We were a founding member of this not-for-profit organization and continue to support its work locally.

Affordable Housing Action Network (AHAN) Project

We were a founding member of the Affordable Housing Action Network. This decade-long project helped improve our community’s response to homelessness and the need for more affordable housing.

What was the Affordable Housing Action Network (AHAN)?

The Affordable Housing Action Network’s mission was:

“To create more affordable housing options for people who are precariously housed or homeless using a variety of approaches including collaborative networking, housing development, capacity building and advocacy.”

Read more about our work with AHAN.

As part of work of setting up AHAN and during the life of the network, we wrote or co-authored several reports, including: