Sexual harassment at work

Have you experienced unwanted touching, sexual jokes or demands for sexual favours?  Dealing with sexual harassment at work is difficult.  If you have been sexually harassed in the workplace, we can helpContact us for help by phone or use our online Request for Legal Advice form.  We provide free legal services to anyone being sexually harassed at work.

CALC received a federal government grant from the Department of Justice to help prevent and eliminate sexual harassment at work. We provide workers with free and confidential legal information and advice on their rights and remedies. We also offer  legal information workshops on workplace sexual harassment to interested groups and community organizations, including employers. We provide both virtual and in-person training (in-person workshops temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.)

Sexual harassment can take place at all employment sites, with increased risk in male-dominated workplaces.  Sexual harassment problems can also lead to problems with income, housing, and debtContact us for help with any of these problems.

The Steps to Justice website offers information about harassment at work.