French services

Legal services in French

If you require legal advice in French, we have an agreement with the legal clinic in Cornwall, Clinique juridique Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic, to refer our clients to their French language lawyer who can offer legal services in French to people who live within our catchment area. Staff from the Cornwall clinic can meet with you in person at our office.  You can also call them directly at 1-800-267-2434.

There is a clinic law advice line for francophones (Centre des services communautaires Vanier). If you live in Eastern Ontario, call 1-877-500-4508.  (Les clients francophones ont maintenant accès gratuitement à un service téléphonique d’avis juridique et d’orientation touchant un bon nombre de questions juridiques traitées par les cliniques juridiques communautaires. 1-877-500-4508.)

Steps to Justice, offering step-by-step practical legal information, is also available in French, as shown below.   You can also learn about French language rights in civil or criminal proceedings on our French language rights page.