Housing problems – Help for landlords

Legal information and help

We do not represent landlords but offer our Landlord Information Sheet, which summarizes helpful information/links for landlords, including financial resources for tenants.

Landlord Self Help Centre logoThe Landlord’s Self-Help Centre is a legal clinic that gives advice to small-scale landlords in Ontario.

The Landlord and Tenant Board has information for landlords, including the forms to use for landlord applications.

Other sources of information

The Hastings Housing Resource Centre has information for landlords. Landlords can advertise rental units for free.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has information on renting a home and the landlord/tenant relationship.

Rent Supplements – Ontario Affordable Housing Program

Hastings County – Community and Human Services, Social Housing: Interested landlords can apply to participate in the Rent Supplement/Housing Allowance part of the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program (AHP). Selected landlords will receive funding from the County of Hastings to bridge the difference between the market rent and the amount an eligible household can afford to pay. For details call 613-968-3465.

Funding to make repairs – Ontario Renovates Program

The Federal and Provincial Governments have partnered to fund the Ontario Renovates Program in Hastings County.

The Ontario Renovates Multi-Residential Rental Unit Program is a program for landlords to access funding to repair rental units in the County of Hastings. Program funding is provided to landlords in the form of a 15-year forgivable loan registered on title (forgiveness of funding is earned at an equal rate per year for the minimum 15-year period).

Read more about it on the Hastings County Social Housing webpage (scroll to the bottom). They also provide links to information sheets and an application form.  (This program expires on December 11, 2020, or when program funds are deplete, whichever comes first.)