About this website

We developed this website to do four things:

  • Help increase legal literacy by providing legal information in many areas of the law.
  • Help you solve common legal problems by also providing local and other resource information.
  • Inform you about the kind of services we offer so you know when to call us for help.
  • Highlight our legal empowerment approach and the diverse work we do.

We hope you will be able to use the information to help yourself or someone you know.

We welcome your feedback, positive and negative.  Please send us a message with your comments on the form on our Contact Us page.

How to find help on our site

Our legal information pages are organized to help you find the information you need.

Legal information topics

The starting page for legal information pages on our site contains the Steps to Justice information for that area of law, if there is one.

 How CALC can help

This page outlines how we can help you and the types of legal services we offer.  This page also outlines the other services we offer in that area of law (legal education, how we work with the community, and law reform work we do).

 More legal information

This page provides more legal information or where to find more legal information, in addition to the information found on the main page.

 Other help

This page provides information on where else you can get help or legal help.