Legal services – Commissioning and notarizing

We provide commissioning of affidavits and notarial services to those living on a low income.


Commissioning a document is the most common request. If you need to swear an affidavit you will likely need it commissioned by a person who is eligible to provide this service.

We will commission a document if the document has already been prepared.  We do not provide commissioning services that require us to prepare a document, unless it is for a case we are directly working on for you.

Notarial service

Notarizing means certifying that a document is a true copy of an original. Only lawyers or paralegals can notarize documents.

We will provide notarial services that do not require us to prepare a document.

Making an appointment

Contact us if  you need a commission or notarial service.  You must bring identification to the appointment, along with the document requiring signature.  You must not sign the document ahead of time, we must witness your signature.

Those who qualify for our services financially do not have to pay for either of these services.  If you do not qualify financially, we can provide you with referrals.