Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault

Gender-based violence (GBV) can take many forms in people’s lives.  This can include intimate partner abuse that has physical, emotional and/of financial elements, and can include controlling and manipulative behavior. Another form of GBV is sexual violence that can also relate to harassment and stalking. GBV can take place within a home, at a workplace or in the community, or over texting or the internet.  GBV impacts people of all genders and sexual orientations, ages and social, cultural and economic backgrounds.

Are you or is someone you know experiencing GBV?

We can help if you have experienced or are experiencing these or other forms of violence within an intimate partner relationship (eg. marriage, common law or dating) or if you have experienced or are experiencing sexual violence within or outside an intimate partner relationship (eg. sexual assault, harassment, or stalking).

Through our Your Way Forward Project, you can receive:

  • Information about your legal rights and options in criminal, family and other legal areas
  • Legal advice and advocacy support
  • Specific legal services and support
  • Referrals to other free and affordable legal services

We also provide legal education about GBV and legal rights and options to community and service provider groups.  In some cases, we may also be able to provide limited representation for legal matters.

Please contact us at 613-966-8686 for more information and support.

Your Way Forward is a Department of Justice multi-year funded program with the goal of expanding and enhancing services to survivors of gender-based violence.

Tip Sheets


We completed an assessment of the legal needs and capacities in our community to help Survivors of GBV.  You can read a summary of our report.


For more resources, see our page on Abuse and Family Violence, including a More Legal Information page with links to various resources (including Elder Abuse) and tip sheets.  See also Are you experiencing domestic violence? with links for those in crisis.