Strategic plan

Every 5 years, the clinic’s staff and Board of Directors review and revise the clinic’s strategic directions and set clear goals to guide our work.

Our first step is asking if there are any legal needs that aren’t being met or that are emerging in our community. We examine developments in the laws and programs that impact people living on a low income. And we review demographic information and research studies.  (View our Mission, Vision, and Values.)

Next, based on all that we’ve learned, we develop our high level strategic goals to guide our work for the next 5 years.

Each year we create an internal Action Plan and use it to monitor our progress towards our strategic plan.

Our strategic plan and directions for 2022-2026:

Strategic Plan Diagram

Increase access to justice
Ensure safe and affordable housing
Ensure adequate income and employment security
Improve legal health of vulnerable communities
Ensure effective board governance and efficient clinic infrastructure
CALC as learning organization, innovative, sustainable, leadership

Strategic Directions:
Serve new people
Work with new partners
Develop new legal expertise
Undertake new approaches
Conduct new research
Planning for sustainability
Evaluation and data-driven decision making