Legal education for the community

We create simple and easy-to-understand legal information resources, including tip sheets and newspaper columns. We also offer free legal information sessions. Contact us to book a session or fill in our online Request a Speaker form.

Becoming legally literate: Building your legal capability

Ensuring good “legal health” is one of our clinic’s goals. We want to help you understand the laws that affect you and how to cope with common problems.

Understanding how laws impact on you and protect your rights can help you to become more legally empowered.

Always make sure the information you are relying on is still accurate. Laws do sometimes change, or a judge’s decision in a case might change how the law applies to you. Through this website and our partnership with Steps to Justice, we are trying to keep you linked to up-to-date legal information.

How CALC can help you become more legally literate


newsletter icon publish a newsletter, “Bafflegab,” twice a year
tip sheet icon create legal tip sheets and self-help kits. Many legal information pamphlets are also available in our offices
create informational videos – see some on our sexual harassment at work and housing pages or go to our YouTube page.
tenant school icon offer “Tenants’ Rights” sessions
education session icon offer legal information sessions and webinars and are available to speak on many legal topics. Please call us to discuss your learning needs or fill out our Request a Speaker form

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History of our work helping to build legal literacy

Over the years we’ve developed a lot of written information including: