Human rights – More legal information

Human rights in Ontario

See our Ontario Human Rights Code tip sheet to learn what this law covers. It will also help you understand how to make a complaint of discrimination. For more information on the Ontario Human Rights Code, view this presentation.

Are you concerned about your rights at work?  Read our Learn Law column on Have Your Human Rights Been Violated at Work.

Wondering if you have a human rights claim under Ontario’s Human Rights Code?  Check this online tool from the Human Rights Legal Support Centre.

Human Rights tribunal of Ontario

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has links to most decisions of the Tribunal. You can also access their Rules of Practice, forms, and legislation and regulations.

Ontario Human Rights Commission

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has ASL videos and factsheets are available, including:

Human rights in Canada

If you have been discriminated against by a business or organization that is regulated by the federal government (such as banks, railways, interprovincial transportation, airlines, and most telecommunications businesses), you should complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. See their publications and information on:

Other sources of information has a page on Human Rights and has transgender information and resources.

The Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic helped put together this “Responding to Hate Guide” setting out your rights and resources if you are a victim of or a witness to hate motivated incidents and crimes. They also created a “Responding to Hate List of Organizations” guide to where you  can find help or report incidents.

See our Improving legal rights page on Indigenous rights for information about the “I am a witness” campaign,  “Jordan’s Principle” and “Shannon’s Dream” regarding rights for Indigenous children.