Employment and work – More legal information

Our tip sheets

CALC offers a number of employment-related tip sheets, on a variety of employment issues:

Trouble finding work due to a criminal record

A criminal record check will not show convictions for which there has been a record suspension. See our tip sheet on criminal records and employment for information on how to get a record suspension. You can also find information on this on the Steps to Justice site.

For youth, see the Steps to Justice website for information on “Will a youth record affect my changes of getting a job“, and more about youth criminal justice questions.

Employment contracts

Read our tip sheet about what to keep in mind before signing an employment contract.

Employment standards

See our tip sheets to learn more about employment standards in the workplace and occupational health and safety.

Sexual harassment at work

Read our tip sheet on sexual harassment in the workplace for what to do if you are being sexually harassed at work.

Human rights at work

Read our LEARN LAW columns on pregnancy and breastfeeding and your human rights at work as well as our Employer’s Duty to Accommodate tip sheet.

Lost your job?

If you feel you were wrongfully dismissed, contact us for help.

See our LEARN LAW columns: Lost Your Job? and What Can I Do If I’ve Been Fired?

Employment insurance

See our fact sheet on Employment Insurance.

No ROE?  This tool from Steps to Justice generates a letter to your employer asking for a copy of your ROE.

See our page on Employment Insurance or our ROE Tip Sheet for more information.

More sources of legal information

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)

CLEO has many pamphlets on employment related issues, including:

Steps to Justice website (from CLEO) has a page on employment law as well as short videos to watch.

CLEO Legal Rights on Vimeo has this ASL Interpreted video on Workers’ Rights during COVID-19 (posted June 3, 2021):

Workers’ rights during COVID-19 – ASL or Gallery View from CLEO Legal Rights on Vimeo.

Workers Action Centre

The Workers Action Centre is a worker-based organization committed to improving the lives and working conditions of people in low-wage and unstable employment. They provide a number of fact sheets (in different languages).

Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has information (also in other languages) on:

The MOL also offers an Employment Standards Self-Service Tool which helps employees and employers in Ontario understand some of their rights and obligations under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). It also includes calculations to determine whether the amount paid to an employee meets certain minimum standards of the ESA.

See their other tools as well (such as public holiday pay entitlements, severance pay entitlements, notice of termination and termination pay.)

And see their videos on YouTube on your rights under the Employment Standards Act.

Migrant Rights Network

The Migrant Rights Network  is a cross-Canada alliance to combat racism and fight for migrant justice. They are an alliance of self-organized groups of refugees and migrants and allies.