Engaging in participatory action research

Clinic staff have led community projects to help improve the lives and rights of people living in poverty in our community. Some examples of past projects have included:

Task Force on Hunger

This was our community’s first effort to create a poverty roundtable approach. Major accomplishments were “A Guide to Living on a Low Income,” several legal information conferences, and partnerships.

Paths to Justice

Read the Five County Connecting Region project’s final report. To read more about this project to develop a regional strategy for providing legal services to people who live in rural and remote areas or speak languages other than French or English, read our May 2011 newsletter.

The Affordable Housing Action Network (AHAN) project

We were a founding member of the Affordable Housing Action Network (AHAN). Clinic staff have extensive experience in dealing with people who are homeless or precariously housed because of our poverty law practice. This enabled us to have a very broad perspective on the issue – and the factors that contribute to homelessness. Read more about our work with AHAN.