Are you looking for legal help?

How CALC can help you

We can provide free legal help if you live in our service area, live on a low income, and have the type of problem we help with.

If you don’t live in our service area, another Ontario community legal clinic may be able to help you.

If you have a criminal or family law problem, we will refer you to Legal Aid Ontario for help.

We can answer your questions, give you legal information or advice, and in some cases, represent you at a court or tribunal. Find out more about our services. We do a lot more than just offer legal advice! You can also just contact us directly.

What kinds of legal problems does CALC help with?

We specialize in helping with the kinds of legal problems that most affect people living on a low income. This means that we put a priority on problems related to:

 Income assistance  Human rights
 Housing  Victims of crime
 Employment and work  Seniors
 Consumer and debt

But we do a lot more than this! It’s easiest to explain the kind of help we can provide by legal topic.

You can also search our site in the search box at the top of the page and, of course, you can just call us!

What will happen when I call you?

The first person you speak to will:

  • decide if your problem is something we can help with
  • give you with information about who can help you, if we can’t help directly

If your problem is something we can help with, you will  speak to someone who will get more information from you to decide the best way to help you.

  • We can provide you with legal information and help you prepare some initial paperwork.
  • If you need legal advice we will give you a telephone or in-person appointment to speak to one of our legal workers.

How else can CALC help?

We also help in other ways by:

 creating legal education resources like this website, and providing free legal information sessions

 working with community partners on important issues and projects in our community

 advocating to improve government services and helping to make laws and how they are applied more fair for people living on a low income.