Our Services


Our services include legal information, legal advice, representation before courts and tribunals, Tenant Duty Counsel, community development and law reform.  For areas in which we do not provide service, we will offer referrals to the appropriate agency.   (See our powerpoint presentation (PDF) for more details.)


We provide legal services in the following areas of poverty law:


Housing Income Programs

•  Residential Tenancies Act (for Tenants only)

•  Ontario Works (Welfare)

•  Tenant Duty Counsel

•  Ontario Disability Support Program

•  Canada Pension Plan

•  Employment Insurance



•  Employment Rights

•  Criminal Injuries Compensation

•  Workplace Safety and Insurance (formerly called

•  Human Rights

    Workers' Compensation)

•  Education

•  Consumer and debt


Click on any of these areas of law for more information, or contact us for help with your particular situation.


See our Legal Health Checklist to help identify issues a lawyer can help you with.


We do NOT practice real estate, criminal, family or immigration law.