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Our Services - Community Development

Organizing Workshops and Conferences

In the past we've organized many events ranging from mini-workshops to two day conferences. These events are usually related to a special direction we are taking in our work. We have worked on topics including:

  •  legal issues affecting the disabled

  •  domestic violence and sexual abuse

  •  criminal injuries compensation

  •  seniors issues

  •  social assistance rights

  •  injuries at work

  •  employment law

  •  tenants rights

  •  children's "special education" issues

  •  systemic advocacy

We also like to work in collaboration with other individuals, groups and organizations to sponsor more workshops and conferences.  Please contact us if you are interested in this.  Also through our Pro Bono Project - a special collaboration with local Law Associations and private bar lawyers - we hope to be able to eventually provide speakers for other areas of law that we do not cover, conditional on additional funding.