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We've experimented with putting on short plays to build community learning and provoke discussion on social justice topics.  We've also sponsored workshops playing the "Poverty Game".  This interactive Monopoly-like game developed by a group in Dawson Creek, B.C. helps to build awareness and sensitivity to the realities of life on welfare.  We've recently updated the help of law students at Osgood Hall Law School.


The script for our "Reality Check" drama, produced for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 1998 can be found here


Domino_effectThe script for our "Domino Effect" drama, which has been performed in the community several times and broadcast over Cablevue 4 can be found here. The Domino Effect is a short dramatic presentation written and performed by the Community Advocacy & Legal Centre at its Annual General Meeting in November 2003.  It highlights the "domino effect" of misfortunes that can befall any of us and plunge us into the depths of poverty and despair.


Please contact us or email us if you'd like more information or to produce one of the plays.