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Our Services - Community Development

Clinic Outreach

We speak to community groups, clubs, churches, social service organizations, and others who are interested in learning more about our work and poverty law. We do radio, cable TV programs and webinars.  From time to time, we issue press releases about our work. Local newspapers carry stories about our work. 



Providing Speakers to Classes


We are often asked to provide information on poverty law topics and justice for teachers and students.  We especially welcome opportunities to speak to adult students, particularly those attending literacy programs or studying to become human service professionals or social workers.



Collaboration with Local Libraries


The clinic is working closely with local public libraries, Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) and the Hastings County Law Association Library (HCLA) to increase legal literacy and access to legal information so that librarians can better assist their patrons with legal questions. 


We have provided workshops in several areas attended by librarians from all three counties we serve.  The workshops were designed to increase librarians' comfort level with legal questions, making appropriate legal referrals and finding credible sources on the internet.  These workshops also allowed us to find out more about the types of legal problems that patrons seek information about and how we can better assist libraries in providing information.  With CLEO's help we provided pamphlet racks filled with legal information booklets. We also provided libraries with our comprehensive "Where Else To Go" chart which includes a long list of organizations that provide advocacy help when our clinic cannot.


We are continuing our collaboration with librarians through meetings and workshops and working together to develop more resources and tip sheets.  Updates on the project are included in our semi-annual newsletters and our Annual Report.


See the Quinte Region Libraries Legal Information Training Partnership flyer for more information.