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Our Services - Community Development



Networking and Building Strong Relationships with Community Organizations


We believe in strong co-operative relationships with other service providers and community organizations.  We participate in several inter-agency groups.  We meet several times a year with Social Service Departments and the Ministry of Community and Social Services in an effort to build healthy working relationships and resolve conflict and issues, where they exist, expeditiously and creatively.  We participate in brown bag service provider luncheons and sit on service coordination committees.    We work collaboratively with others on issues like domestic violence, access to health care, homelessness, and the need for affordable housing.  We provide legal information sessions for staff development.


Community Organizing

We work with low income groups or individuals or members of disadvantaged communities to assist them to build viable community organizations.  Examples of groups we initially helped to start include several tenants associations, the Quinte & District Injured Workers Group and the Tenant Action Group.  We can provide meeting space and start up assistance and other supports.  Our goal is to create self-sufficient local grass-roots groups that can advocate for their own interests.