Our Services - Community Development


Community Development and Capacity Building


Working towards an inclusive, healthy and vibrant community is an important part of our service mandate. The way we do our work varies with the project at hand. We can provide:

  •  research support and resources

  •  access to our library

  •  legal and social analysis

  •  organizational and logistical support

  •  meeting space

  •  training and learning opportunities

  •  communications

  •  editing and printing of reports

  •  developing of submissions to government

  •  archival space

  •  project supervision and management

  •  strategic planning

  •  software and computer use

  •  multimedia equipment

Here are a few examples of our work over the years:

  •  the Belleville Task Force on Hunger

  •  Partnership Against Poverty

  •  the Systemic Advocacy Course

  •  speaker series on social justice topics in collaboration with community groups

  •  community development networking “brown bag lunches, and

  •  the Affordable Housing Action Network