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Law Society Referral Service / Paralegals

The Law Society Referral Service is provided by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). This service is designed to provide callers with the name of a lawyer or licenced paralegal who will provide up to 30 minutes of consultation at no charge to help you determine your rights and options.  The service is not designed to provide legal advice or second opinions, and any fees should be discussed with the lawyer or paralegal.

 As of March 2015, this service is now only available online.  However, if you are in crisis, or are low-income and do not have access to the internet, you may call 1-855-947-5255.

For more detailed information about the service, visit the Law Society's website.  To get your referral, complete an online request form.   However, if you are in crisis (such as being in custody), you can call 1-855-947-5255 (toll free) .  If you cannot wait 3 days for a callback, email them at


Read the LSUC pamphlet, Lawyers and Paralegals: Helping You With Your Legal Needs."  This pamphlet explains the difference between lawyers and paralegals and will help you choose which one you need for your type of case.  It also outlines how and where to complain about services provided by lawyers or paralegals.


Visit the Law Society's website page on paralegals for more information on paralegals.


Visit the Your Legal Rights website for more information on how to find a lawyer when you can't afford one.



Law Help Ontario (from Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO))


Law Help Ontario provides legal advice about lawsuits and disputes and appeals in Small Claims Court, Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal for Ontario via telephone to callers who live more than 40 km from a walk-in centre.  They do not assist by phone for family or criminal law cases.  They also can no longer assist with complicated personal injury claims, medical malpractice claims, litigation related to child protection, and estates litigation.  See their website for details.  Call 1-855-255-7256, ext 231 to apply.


PBLO's Will Assistance Service - Volunteer lawyers will help prepare a simple will in their Toronto or Ottawa clinic locations.


Legal Help for Non-Profits - help with incorporating or applying for charitable status, etc.



Hastings County Law Association (See also site)

The Hastings County Law Association (HCLA) is the local association for lawyers.  It is one of 48 in the province, dedicated to ensuring that small-town lawyers have a voice at the provincial level.  It is a volunteer association with no set hours.  Each lawyer pays a fee to be a member.  The fee entitles the lawyer to have access to the Law Library and all other Association resources.

If you have any questions about the local legal commmunity, HCLA is also available to help you find the answer.

Justice Net

Justice Net is a not-for-profice service promoting increased access to justice for low-and moderate-income Canadians.  Professionals in the program offer their skills at a reduced fee to clients of limited means.  See their website for details, eligibility rules and to search for lawyers serving your area.