Helping our local community – Victims of Crime

We work with community partners to end violence against women and children at both a provincial and local level. Our priorities are to help victims of crime get fair compensation, including money for counselling.

Our current projects

Criminal Injuries Compensation Practice Advisory Committee

We are co-chairs of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) Practice Advisory Committee (PAC). The committee consults and gives feedback on CICB policies, practices, rules, practice directions, and services. The committee’s focus is to help the CICB provide fair, just, accessible, and quick processes for victims of violence.

Community Legal Clinic CICB Virtual Study Group

We are working with other legal clinics across Ontario to improve laws and policies for victims of crime.

Quinte Coordinating Committee Against Violence

We sit on the Quinte Coordinating Committee Against Violence (QCCAV). The QCCAV promotes education, training and awareness surrounding sexual/domestic violence in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties. The QCCAV supports community partners working together to end domestic/sexual violence.

Past Projects

To read more about our past activities and projects, read our past newsletters and annual reports.

Community development resources

Resources for Family Court Advocates

This is an online resource from Springtide Resources for those supporting survivors of family violence through the family court process in Ontario. Springtide Resources works with organizations, communities and informal groups to help prevent gender based violence & bullying.

Help for Indigenous women

Read the Ontario government report Walking Together: Ontario’s Long-Term Strategy to End Violence Against Indigenous Women.