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Check back here for all the latest news happenings in the area of social assistance.

Drug Cards for ODSP/OW recipients are now paperless

If you are receiving Ontario Disability (ODSP) or Ontario Works (OW) benefits you would normally also receive a drug card.  As of September 2016 ODSP/OW will no longer be issuing these cards as they are going paperless.  All you need is an Ontario Health Card.  See "Changes to the Way Social Assistance Clients Access Drug Coverage" or the Information sheet for Agencies and a detailed Q&A sheet for more details. 

HALCO also has information and links about this change on their website.

PayDay Loan Class Action Lawsuit Settlement (Cash Store or Instaloans)

Notice of Class Action PayDay Loan

If you took a payday loan from Cash Store or Instaloans in Ontario after September 1, 2011, money could be owed to you from class action settlements.  To make a claim, fill out the form on before October 31, 2016.  See the above flyer for more information (click for a larger, printable flyer).

Questions?  Call RicePoint Administration Inc., who manages the claims process, at 1-866-840-2631 (toll-free) or email

Government Announcements Positive for Parents on OW and ODSP

The Ministry of Community and Social Services has announced that parents now get to keep the full amount of child support payments (ending the dollar-for-dollar clawback from social assistance benefits). 

The ministry is also eliminating the requirement for parents to pursue child support from their child's other parent.

These changes start in early 2017.  For more information on these changes, see the Ministry's press release.

As well, there is no clawback on the new Canada Child Benefit as well.  See the Ministry's press release on this issue.

Visit the Income Security and Advocacy Centre website for details and links on all these changes.

See CLEO's "On The Radar" article about the new Canada Child Benefit.



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