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This page offers links of interest for Landlords.  While we cannot assist landlords directly, we can offer referrals to other sources of help.  View our tip sheet for landlords.

Landlord's Self-Help Centre - specialty clinic for Ontario's small scale landlords

Landlord and Tenant Board - (formerly called the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal)

Affordable Housing Action Network - They would like interested landlords who have a common interest in renting more affordable housing options in the private rental market to consider joining.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation:

Hastings County - Community and Human Services, Social Housing - Interested landlords can complete an application to participate in the Rent Supplement/Housing Allowance components of the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program (AHP).  Selected landlords will receive funding from the County of Hastings to bridge the difference between the market rent and what an eligible household can afford to pay.   For details call:  Bob Fraser, Senior Supervisor, Housing Operations Hastings County Housing Programs Branch, (613) 968-3465, ext 4311.

Hastings Housing Resource Centre - Landlords can list units for free.  They have a "Know Your Rights" page for landlords.



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