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Justice for Children & Youth (JFCY) - Specialty clinic for low-income youth in Toronto and vicinity. 

Pro Bono Ontario - Volunteer lawyers offer legal advice and some representation to qualified applicants. Fill out online application form to apply.  They also have videos for parents.


Lawyers provide free legal services to:

  •  Students who are involved in the Special Education process

  •  Children and youth who are at risk of being suspended or expelled

  •  Young people who are living independently


Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) - Helping parents without immigration status get their children into school


Ontario Ministry of Education - Preventing bullying and harassment


People for Education - independent parent-led organization 

School Advocacy Hamilton - for parents and advocates in Hamilton, but can be used for local advocacy as well. Learn about basic advocacy skills, suspensions and expulsions, and special education.  Visit their links page.


Your Legal Rights - Education Law page


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