Victims of crime – Other help

See “Are you experiencing domestic violence?” for links to local shelters and counselling.

Legal Advice

Queen's Legal Aid provides legal advice and possible representation on applications for criminal injuries compensation made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board if you live in south Lennox & Addington County.

Victims' Services

Financial help

If you are a victim of violent crime and have reported the crime to the police, you may get financial help. The Victim Quick Response Program (Victim Services Quinte) provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime in Hastings, Prince Edward or Lennox & Addington Counties.

You may be able to get help for emergency expenses, such as crime scene clean-up, short-term immediate counselling, locks changed, cell phones, and emergency home repairs.

  • Victim Services Belleville – 1-866-680-9972
  • Victim Services Napanee – 1-877-354-4151
  • Victim Services Quinte West – 613-392-3561

The Victim's Fund provides financial assistance to victims of crime to attend National Parole Board hearings.

Victim support

Victim/Witness Assistance Program website has office locations and phone numbers (via search). They provide support and information about your court case. They meet with you and accompany you to court. You can find more information about other victim services and supports on the Ministry of the Attorney General's site, including the victim support line at 1-888-579-2888.

Victim Justice Network offers support and information about the court process for victims of violent crime. See their infographic: The Criminal Court Process - A brief overview of what you need to know as a victim of violent crime.