Community Advocacy & Legal Centre History

Year by Year Highlights:  1981-1984

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Began working with out local cable station to produce a legal information series on the legal system called “Down To Cases.”  “Down To Cases” was revived again in 1987-90.  Clinic staff worked with the same local cable station to produce legal information programs on poverty law issues.

  • Documented a serious complaint against a collection agency for illegal business practices.  As a result of the clinic’s advocacy the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations revoked the agency’s licence.

  • Challenged a discriminatory taxi bylaw in Trenton and liberalized the taxi bylaws and broke a city monopoly.

  • Started a tenant information series in the intelligencer called “Living with the Landlord.”


  • Represented a young native client in a case challenging Section 120 of the Indian Act that read, in part, “an Indian Child who is expelled or suspended from school shall be deemed to be a juvenile delinquent.”  Ontario Provincial Court Judge D.K. Kirkland ruled the section racially discriminatory and struck it down.  This case was precedent-setting and was reported across Canada.

  • Through court action, and subsequent media attention, ensured Belleville’s parking bylaw was properly enforced thereby preventing illegal towing and exorbitant towing charges to city residents.

  • Represented an ad hoc committee of concerned citizens to prevent aerial spraying for gypsy moth in the Kaladar area.


  • Challenged the Hastings County Social Services Committee’s arbitrary withdrawal of special and supplementary assistance under the General Welfare Assistance Act.

  • Represented the Belleville Tenants Association in a successful challenge to the Residential Tenancies Commission reducing the landlord’s rental increase from 50% to 20%.

  • Settled a human rights complaint, on the basis of handicap, on behalf of a quadriplegic person against the Ontario Housing Authority who had been refused accommodation.

  • Represented a citizen’s group in Ameliasburg Township fighting a large scale illegal whey disposal being carried on by a local dairy.  Clinic staff worked with the Canadian Environmental Law Foundation, a legal clinic specializing in environmental issues.


  • Established the first satellite office in Madoc above the Centre Hastings Resource Centre open Friday afternoons.

  •  Helped to establish Youth Habilitation Quinte Inc. to serve the needs of youth 16 and 17 years old and older for counselling, financial and housing help, education and training, and legal assistance.