Board Responsibilities

The Board governs the clinic, including acting as the employer for all staff. While the Board does not engage in the day-to-day management of clinic operations, it:

  • oversees the administrative, personnel and financial management of the clinic at monthly Board meetings

  • oversees the clinic's casework and community work through a multi-year strategic and annual action planning process

  • is responsible for ongoing relations with Legal Aid Ontario and other funding agencies, and for reporting and accounting for funds received

  • is responsible for overall policy development and governance and the "vision" of the clinic

  • ensures harmonious relations with staff, including negotiating with the union that represents the non-lawyer staff

In its work with our funders, the Board helps to ensure that funds received come without too many strings attached, so we can do all the advocacy work we need to do both in individual cases and in systemic law reform work.

Our clients sometimes ask us, rightly, "who pays your salary"?

Clients often wonder how hard the clinic will fight the government on their behalf, if that same government "pays" the salaries of staff. The short answer to that question is that the Board of Directors pays the staff's salaries and the clinic is incorporated and independent of government. Although most of our funding comes from Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), which is an independent corporation.

The Board also sends a representative to all meetings of the Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario (ACLCO).