Board Committees

In addition to monthly meetings of the full Board, the Board has several committees to carry out its work. These include:

Each year in November or December a special workshop is held for new Board members to orient them to their roles and responsibilities. A detailed Board manual provides information on the clinic, and the Board's role and responsibilities. There are also opportunities for ongoing training and development.

Personnel Committee

Although the Executive Director carries out much of the routine personnel administration, it is the responsibility of this committee to develop and review personnel policies. The Executive Director is responsible to this committee for adherence to those policies and standards of management.
 In keeping with its role as employer, this committee participates in most hiring of permanent staff and with associated decisions such as salary levels, probationary period and performance reviews. It makes recommendations with respect to negotiations, disputes and grievances arising from the collective agreement or the staff complaint policy, and discipline and termination of employment, if required.

Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for developing and reviewing the clinic's budget as well as reviewing monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements to ensure the clinic's expenditures are reasonable and within budget. It also reviews closely funding applications and grants. It arranges for the auditor's report and reports on this to the full Board and membership annually. It develops and updates Board financial policies. It liaises with the independent bookkeeper who is also an accountant, through the Office Manager.

Nominations Committee

Accepts applications from prospective Board members and prepares an information package for the annual general meeting. Canvasses the community and recruits suitable Board members.

Program and Planning Committee

This committee assists the staff to plan, develop and review goals for the clinic's work annually or biannually. It reviews demographic and other community information including needs assessments and studies. It monitors staff evaluation efforts of projects and programs. It ensures Client Service Measures are implemented and reported to Legal Aid Ontario. Clinic members that are not Board members may participate in this committee.

Executive Committee

This committee carries on the clinic's business only when the full Board cannot and for specific purposes only.

Governance Committee

This committee helps ensure ''good governance" by setting specific goals for the Board to this end each year. It reviews and redrafts Board policies as needed, review the operating bylaw periodically, and is responsible for making recommendations for Board manual improvements, training and other resources to assist the Board to function effectively and efficiently. It also assists with preparations for the annual general meeting.

Client Services Review Committee

This committee hears appeals when the Executive Director has denied services to an individual because their income or assets are too high or they do not live in our area. It meets only on an "as needed basis".