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Rural Justice & Health Partnerships 

A pilot project of the Community Advocacy & Legal Centre

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Legal Information

CLEO logo Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)
  • clear, accurate and practical legal rights education and information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights
  • extensive collection of legal information resources and publications
Your Legal Rights logo  Your Legal Rights 
  • a project of CLEO, provides free legal information for people in Ontario
  • free, practical, and easy-to-find legal information produced by hundreds of organizations across Ontario
  • features include:  a services map, an interactive guide to legal and social services in Ontario; "common questions," answers and key next steps to help with legal problems; and "Steps to Justice," easy-to-understand step-by-step information about legal problems

Legal Information and Advice

Legal Aid logo Legal Aid Ontario 
  • Provides legal assistance for people living on a low income in Ontario through the following services:
    • providing duty counsel at family, criminal or youth court
    • giving summary legal advice (family or criminal law) by telephone or in person at Family or Criminal Law Information Centres
    • a certificate program for the most serious and complex cases - eligible clients can obtain a certificate which is used to retain a private lawyer.